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Builder Cleaning Services

Our Builder Cleaning Service provides a quality cleaning service which will revitalise the beauty of your new building.

Why Use MLB Cleaning Services

It is well known that the construction process can be a messy one. It is our pride and customer service guarantee that will bring your building up to sparkling brand new.

Starting with a Pre Clean we prepare the property for finishing trades to be carried out.

A second Final Clean is also included in our competitive set builder rates to ready the property for completion and certification.

Should it be necessary we would return for a third and final sparkle clean at a small negotiable rate based on the final sparkle requirements.

Service inclusions

  • Removal of protective coatings from windows, removal of appliance stickers and labelling along with sticky residue removed.
  • Excess builder dust removed from all aspects of the home inside and out
  • Windows Cleaned inside and out including all window and door tracks
  • Removal of excess paint ¬†excess silicone, plaster grout and other substances from glass, frames, sills floors ¬†and Benchtops
  • Clean doors and door handles
  • Wipe tops of fans and air conditioning units
  • Wipe out cupboards inside and out and all shelving.
  • Removal all carpentry mess from behind draws and cupboards
  • Clean and polish stainless steel items
  • Clean showers, tubs, basins, and toilets
  • Clean all mirrors
  • Vacuum all carpeted areas including edges, skirting boards
  • Gently wipe light fittings and fixtures
  • Mop all hard floors areas being timber or tiles
  • High pressure clean for concrete Garage floor, front porch, Patio and Driveway areas

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